WISE Career Resources Committee

Our Career Resources Committee is a team of member volunteers who are passionate about making WISE work for you. The committee oversees the overarching strategy and development of career resource tools and digital initiatives, including all CareerWISE content. Contact us.

  • Sophia Kuo    |   Committee Chair, NYC Metro

    Sophia Kuo, WISE National Board Member and former WISE Within National Committee Chair, joined the Career Resources Committee as chair in summer 2011. "Over the years, I’ve witnessed how WISE has supported women in the industry and provided the platform for connecting and building relationships. Technology has now given us the opportunity to take this to a new level, and I'm excited to be leading the execution and development of initiatives that will provide our members with web-based resources that are accessible 24/7."

    After holding executive marketing and operations positions in the travel industry for over a decade, Sophia transitioned to the sports industry in 2002. An independent consultant, her areas of expertise include marketing, strategy and creative services.

  • Amanda Mitchell    |   NYC Metro

    Amanda Mitchell has served on the WISE National Board and as Career Resources Committee chair, leading the development of strategy and digital initiatives to help members on their professional journey. She is also a contributing expert for WISE Insights and host/interviewer for WISE Inspires. "WISE encourages taking responsibility for your career which is really the only way you can ensure your career happiness. By filling the mentoring and management void common in many corporate environments WISE gives each of us the opportunity to improve not only our lives but the lives of those around us."

    Amanda is the founder of Our Corporate Life LLC, a company that offers a new system for reducing unnecessary workplace suffering caused by the organizational, interpersonal, and ethical issues of our time. A 20-year corporate veteran, she has first hand understanding of the challenges both corporate management and staff face on a regular basis. Amanda spent her corporate career in the advertising industry where she worked her way up through the ranks to managing director at an IPG agency.
  • Bernadette Vielhaber    |   Cleveland

    Bernadette Vielhaber joined WISE in 2011 and the WISE Career Resources Committee in 2012. "As I look to start the next chapter of my career, I hope that my experiences may be of help to someone — even if it isn’t me! I’m looking forward to this opportunity and I hope that as I actively search for my next post, I can gain some valuable information and help share it as well."

    Bernadette is the marketing coordinator for NexGoal, an executive search company that serves as the conduit between former Olympic, NCAA and professional athletes and corporations throughout North America who seek the core traits which these athletes possess to help drive the success of their businesses while giving these athletes the guidance to enjoy fulfilling careers beyond their sport. The majority of Bernadette's career has been in media relations in professional sports and collegiate athletics, including an associate editor role for several trade publications. She spends her Sundays during the NFL season working for the Cleveland Browns in ticket sales and services.

  • Emily Huddell    |   NYC Metro

    Emily Huddell joined WISE and the WISE Career Resources Committee in 2012. “It’s a great honor to join the WISE team, and have the opportunity to give back to women looking to gain experience in sports and entertainment. WISE is a fantastic organization and I’m thrilled to contribute any way I can.”

    Since 2005, Emily has worked at Turnkey Sports & Entertainment, a market intelligence firm located just outside of Philadelphia. In her current role as SVP of sales and service, she is responsible for managing Activator, Turnkey’s cloud-based partnership management platform. Prior to joining Turnkey, Emily studied at UMass Amherst (MS, Sport Management) and Boston University (BS, Journalism), and worked with the MLBPA, the WUSA’s Boston Breakers, TCNJ, and the Brentford Bees.
  • Ivy Anderson    |   Los Angeles

    Ivy Anderson joined WISE and the Career Resources Committee in 2012. "Having changed careers, I joined WISE to meet more women in the industry. After completing my graduate degree, I had more time and energy to put towards being involved in the organization while networking at the same time."

    In April 2015 Ivy joined WME|IMG as an Account Manager and relocated to Los Angeles. Prior to joining WME|IMG, she worked as an integrated marketing coordinator for the National Hockey League where her responsibilities included the day-to-day management of multiple partnership accounts as well as overseeing line of sight advertising for the league and its 30 clubs. Ivy received her B.S. in Business Education from North Carolina A&T State University.

  • Jamie Rocha    |   NYC Metro

    Jamie Rocha, a WISE member since 2010, joined the WISE Career Resources Committee in fall 2011. "WISE has a great reputation of not only building connections and relationships between driven women in the sports industry, but also providing a strong offering of resources and experiences for their members. I’m proud to be a part of such a wonderful organization!"

    Jamie is an associate with GlideSlope, a global sport consultancy based in New York. She has been with GlideSlope since it’s inception and advises clients, including several Fortune 500 brands, on the most effective ways to grow by leveraging global sport. Two key areas of focus for her include the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. Jamie received a B.A. in English from Fordham University and is active in several charitable organizations.
  • Jane Hollman    |   NYC Metro

    Jane Hollman, a contributing expert for WISE Insights, joined WISE and the WISE Career Resources Committee in 2012. "Having worked in sport and the corporate sector in human resources I think I have the perfect blend of experience to help guide members through the process of charting a career in the sports and events industry."

    An executive HR consultant who is passionate about helping women navigate the corporate world to be the best they can be, Jane works with organizations and individuals to identify strengths and opportunities. She has more than 20 years of corporate experience in human resources and previously held senior positions in human resources at MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, Australian Football League and Citigroup Asset Management.

  • Lauren Gordon    |   NYC Metro

    Lauren Gordon, a WISE member and volunteer since 1998, joined the WISE Career Resources Committee in 2009 and is also a contributing expert for WISE Insights. "At this point in my career I’m able to give back and my experience in career counseling, career transitions and training presentations for performing artists as well as sports industry professionals made it in sync to join the Career Resources Committee to serve the widest number of our members."

    Lauren is a career counselor at Career Transition for Dancers, where she provides counseling, group programs, seminars and training. A psychotherapist, EAP consultant and career counselor in private practice in New York City, Lauren serves the arts, sports and other communities. She is on the Program Committee of Career Development Specialists Network and has written about career transition, including a chapter on athlete career transitions in Applying Sport Psychology.

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  • Amanda Carmichael    |   Committee Co-Chair, Los Angeles

    Passionate about assisting in the growth and development of others, Amanda Carmichael has been the co-chair of the National WISE Within Committee since 2013 and worked to launch Speed Mentoring Roundtables across all WISE chapters. Additionally she has served as the co-director of the Los Angeles WISE Within mentoring program and on the Los Angeles board of directors since 2008.

    Amanda is part of the senior management team at Scoutware, a tech startup providing web-based communication tools to more than 2,000 college athletic programs around the country. Her primary responsibilities include managing a growing cross-functional team responsible for client services, on-going education, marketing, and professional services. Additionally, she works to expand strategic partnerships, acts as Scoutware's primary brand ambassador, and regularly presents to industry conferences on topics surrounding communication technology and recruiting.
  • Jenifer Miller    |   National Advisor, NYC Metro

  • Ariele Goldman Hecht    |   Photographer and Photo Editor, NYC Metro

    Ariele Goldman Hecht joined WISE and the WISE Within National Committee in summer 2011. " I am excited about the opportunity to join WISE and build new relationships with other career-driven women in the world of sports."

    Ariele is the senior photography editor and team photographer for the New York Yankees and has been with the organization since 2005. As the only staff photographer, she oversees all day-to-day photo needs including games, press conferences, player milestones, World Series, All-Star Games, the Papal visit in 2008, the final game at the old Yankee Stadium and the construction of the new Yankee Stadium. Her photos can be seen in the pages and on the cover of Yankees Magazine, the walls of Yankee Stadium and in numerous publications worldwide
  • Kristina Dodge    |   Blog Editor, NYC Metro

    Kristina joined WISE and the WISE Within National Committee in summer 2011. "I first learned about WISE when our assistant general manager Jean Afterman was recognized as a WISE Woman of the Year in 2010. We included a story about the honor in Yankees Magazine, and the more I learned about the organization, the more I realized I had to be a part of it. I am looking forward to contributing to this network of strong, successful and passionate professional women."

    Kristina is the managing editor of New York Yankees Publications and has been with the organization since 2007. Her responsibilities include editing the content of the New York Yankees Official Yearbook and Yankees Magazine, as well as updating and maintaining the department’s style guide. Additionally, she writes several feature stories for the yearbook and magazine each season. Kristina’s offseason projects include the team’s fan guide outlining Yankee Stadium policy and the very popular pocket-size team schedules. She received her bachelor’s in public communications at Syracuse University.