Key Content Areas
Strategic Leadership: Key Capabilities of Strategic Leaders
Leadership, Change and Influence
Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills
Getting Results with Others
Managing Your Visibility
Creating the Need for Change
Connecting Strategic Vision and Execution
The First Tenet of Leadership
Information Value of Primary Financial Statements
Financial Analysis for Strategy Implementation
Integrating Your Life

Led by a diverse Tuck faculty, the WISE Executive Leadership Institute curriculum addresses the critical business acumen and personal leadership skills needed by any successful executive, as well as as the specific challenges faced by women in the sports industry.

Throughout the program, session content will be reinforced through facilitated reflection and peer coaching. Participants will be afforded opportunities to reflect on what they need to learn, the progress they are making, and how to apply the learning back on the job. Additionally, small group learning activities and interaction during receptions, meals and breaks will enable participants to build community and create powerful and continuing support groups.

Participants will come away from the program better prepared to:
  • Develop measures for evaluating company profitability and asset utilization efficiency
  • Identify major organizational challenges and how to meet them
  • Strategize for effective negotiations
  • Explore the essentials of successful strategies
  • Apply self-awareness to think strategically about their careers
  • Understand how effective leaders influence others and implement change in their organizations
  • Meet common challenges related to change within an organization
  • Use strategic communication to create a connection between strategy development and execution
  • Maximize mentoring relationships
  • Assess personal leadership styles and how they impact team behaviors
  • Explore what work-life integration means for them