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Late October
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Mid November
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Sessions & Objectives*

A variety of teaching and learning methods will be used in these sessions, including presentation of frameworks, concepts and best practices; facilitated large group discussions; experiential learning; small group application exercises and individual self-assessment instruments. The faculty-led sessions will be complemented by guest speakers and panelists on selected topics as well as opportunities for reflection, networking and physical exercise.

Strategic Leadership: Key Capabilities of Strategic Leaders    Sydney Finkelstein
  • Explore what it takes to create a strategic mindset and the essentials of successful strategies
  • Identify the major challenges your organization faces now and over the next three years
  • Reflect on what you are doing to meet these challenges
  • Understand how to make knowledgeable strategic choices so action can be taken
Leadership, Change, and Influence    Pino Audia
  • Understand how effective leaders influence others and implement change in organizations
  • Explore a wide range of influence tactics and their effectiveness
  • Gain insight into your own influence profile
  • Identify steps to take to improve your ability to influence others
Sharpening Your Negotiating Skills    Judith White
  • Explore the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations
  • Examine the components of an effective negotiation and analyze your own and others' behavior in simulations and role plays
  • Learn what to ask for, how to ask, and how to avoid backlash in your negotiations
Leader in Action: Getting Results with Others    Action Learning Associates
  • Develop a visceral, behavioral understanding to complement intellectual understanding of leadership and teamwork
  • Practice getting results working in teams though a series of performance challenges
  • Explore results from an assessment tool (such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory) and compare with team behaviors
Managing Your Visibility    Stacy Blake-Beard
  • Reflect on your own social identities and how the resulting group memberships inform your behavior, feelings and attitudes generally and in specific settings
  • Learn about implicit assumptions you may be making about people — and people may be making about you
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by mentoring relationships
Creating the Need for Change    Paul Argenti
  • Engage in case discussion of common challenges related to change
  • Reflect on what you are doing to meet these challenges in your organization
  • Learn approaches to strategy and how to manage change
Connecting Strategic Vision to Implementation    Paul Argenti
  • Learn how to create a connection between strategy development and execution using strategic communication
  • Learn how to use strategic communication to create integration
  • Understand how to create communication strategies for personal leadership
The First Tenet of Leadership    Ella Bell Smith
  • Understanding the source of your true leadership muscle
  • Enhancing your leadership narrative
  • Creating stronger followership
  • Understanding your approach to leadership from multiple angles
Information Value of Primary Financial Statements     Phillip Stocken
  • Develop skills to interpret and confidently use financial statement information for business decision-making
  • Discuss the purpose of the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows
  • Examine and understand the accounting concepts for revenue and expense recognition
Financial Analysis for Strategy Implementation    Phillip Stocken
  • Learn to analyze and interpret metrics
  • Understand how to align business decisions with strategy using key performance indicators
  • Create a framework for identifying opportunities for performance improvement
Integrating Your Life    Ella Bell Smith
  • Explore what work-life integration means for you
  • Look at the many facets of your life
  • Examine the role you play in each area, the changes you would like to make, and the actions steps you need to take to make it happen

*Subject to change. Session content will be refined based on identified participant needs and experience.