On staying engaged in your job: Don't let the job define you;
you define the job.

Your boss is not your friend!

Timing is key when asking for a raise or promotion; do your research.

Don't be afraid to be heard — really.

Never apologize for the skills you bring to the table.

Be open with management about work life balance needs.

Be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

On staying motivated: Keep a positive attitude and keep your eye on the prize.

Always cultivate honest and open relationships.

Take one thing at a time and focus on tasks from beginning to end.

Never feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

Ask questions, be real, and tell people what you need.
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Speed Mentoring Works (2016)!

As a junior manager at Fox, it has been a great opportunity to have access to these kinds of events and an honor to meet and receive feedback from professional executive-level women. Hearing these successful ladies speak about their fears and the challenges they have overcome is very inspirational because it reminds you that they have walked similar paths and faced issues to get where they are. These events are truly empowering; the insights and discussions helped remind me that I can also one day get to where they are.
— Paola Garzon, SMR Mentee LA ''16
The speed mentoring event gives you a chance to not only learn and get advice from mentors but it gives you comfort knowing that not everyone's journey is the same. You bond with people over similar experiences and at the same time you learn that everyone has different paths to get where they are and it is up to you to take a little bit from everyone in order to pave your own.
— Antonette Manabat, SMR Mentee LA '16
I always leave WISE events feeling inspired by the women I meet. I enjoyed the candid advice each mentor gave about their own personal career. It's reassuring knowing that others share your same fears and failures, and that you're not alone in that experience. But it is also motivating to learn from their success, and how they continue to excel! Thank you, WISE LA!
— Lauren Saylor, SMR Mentee LA '16
The WISE mentoring rountables event provides attendees with the opportunity to learn beyond belief from successful women in the industry. During the event, there are absolutely no barriers and the mentor puts you at ease, encouraging you to ask questions and even guiding you in the right direction. I would recommend this event to anyone wanting to form deep, valuable connections with women in sports and events.
— Alice Sergent, SMR Mentee SF '16