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December 1, 2016

The Lifetime Benefits of Mentorship

Mentors Provide Valuable Support Throughout Career
Mentoring has been a major part of my life dating back to my first job, during which Kelly Feilke took me under his wing and shared his insights on building a successful career. I attribute my professional foundation to him, but there were many others who were willing to advise me — Kirsten Stimmel, Leslie Bolick and Bill Wunder, to name a few. They each taught me important lessons about working, such as “keep your cool” and “provide solutions instead of just identifying the problem.” Collectively, these early mentors challenged me to be better every day, and fortunately, I was able to recognize the value of their support.

As I left my first job to work for The Coca-Cola Company, I was armed with some experience, but still had a lot to learn. At Coca-Cola, I was fortunate to come across Adam Seever and Bea Perez, both of whom further molded my career. Most recently, at Bauerfeind USA, Warren Colter has stepped into that mentor role. These professionals have been instrumental in showing me how to refine and blossom as a contributor to the business.

Paying it Forward by Mentoring
My participation in the WISE Within mentor program is due entirely to these friends. I truly feel I have a debt to repay for all their work and guidance. Learning from mentors provided me with a fresh perspective during each stage of my career. As a mentee, I was eager to take advice from those who had gone before me. Now, I take pride in helping others navigate the sports world. To be clear, it is not a one-way street. I learn just as much from each of my mentees as I try to impart on them, and I get the added benefit of growing my network with exciting new people.

When the program begins, we are strangers partnered together, but by the end of the program, there is a friendship that typically continues for years to come. The mentor/mentee relationship is a special one that requires trust and cooperation, and when each person fully commits, the result is an enriching experience for both parties.

Mentoring will be a part of my life forever. I am just happy WISE Within provides a vehicle to assist me in connecting with new professionals who I will watch grow to reach milestones each year.