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October 1, 2011

Tuning in to Your Ambitions

I have never lacked inspiration or motivation. Ever since I set my mind on pursuing a career in sports, I have been very blessed to come across rewarding opportunities.

Last fall, fresh out of college and early into my first full-time professional position, I embarked on my WISE Within mentorship journey. I was paired with Lindsay Amstutz, director of marketing and on-air presentation at Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket, whom I was fortunate to know from my past internship with the Los Angeles Sparks. Having an established rapport and friendship, Lindsay and I were able to quickly focus on the steps I needed to take to achieve my lofty aspirations.

During one lunch meeting with Lindsay, I questioned whether I was doing and learning enough to prepare for the next step. Besides suggesting I expand my knowledge and interests outside my comfort zone, continue to actively grow my current professional relationships and devote my free time to new side projects and volunteer opportunities, Lindsay recommended I listen to the Billy Joel song "Vienna." For those of you who have never heard it before, it's worth a listen.

That was the moment where WISE Within worked for me. I was able to recognize the message this successful professional was trying to teach me: Patience, humility and belief in oneself are the key ingredients to achievement. Lindsay's comforting nature and encouragement assured me that I was on the right track, yet challenged me to stay on that path. She reminded me to appreciate the process and the moments that lead to the future.

Lindsay Amstutz epitomizes the professional I aspire to be. I have years of obstacles, experiences and knowledge to navigate before I'm able to return the favor to a young, vibrant spirit such as myself.

The true success of this mentorship lay in my mentor's guidance. She did not just advise me on my present situations, concerns and opportunities. She, more importantly, prepared me for my future achievements by helping me grow as a professional and as an individual.

In the meantime, I will continue to remind myself of the wise lesson my mentor taught me, which Billy Joel spoke so well of: "Slow down you're doing fine / You can't be everything you want to be / Before your time."