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June 1, 2010

WISE Within Cooks!

Billie Jean King, sports pioneer and 2002 WISE Women of the Year honoree once said that “winning is very tangible, it's very exciting, it's very pleasing, but it's momentary. If you can do things that last, that each generation can build upon, then … you're cooking.” If that’s the case, then WISE is cooking up a storm!

With WISE Within, we’ve accepted BJK’s challenge to build the next generation of movers and shakers by creating something of lasting value — connections to sage counsel and the tools to succeed in our industry and throughout life.

We are so proud of WISE Within and the nearly 140 participants that have taken part in the program throughout the past three years. During this time we’ve seen mentees matched with trusted resources that have helped them unlock tough challenges like assessing the next career move, gaining perspective on management issues and even negotiating a salary package. The program has worked both ways, with mentors gaining insight into new ways of communicating through digital technology and a fresh outlook on managing individuals within teams.

By the way, in her WISE Women of the Year acceptance speech, Billie Jean told the audience that she found her first mentor at 60-years-old. Now that’s cooking!