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October 1, 2010

The Ultimate Career Resource

"When I reflect on my life, I find that the people who stand out are the ones who challenged me with words and inspired me with actions. They taught and they showed and they modeled and they lived and they shared."
Legendary coach John Wooden

WISE and the late John Wooden had a common bond. The coach's emphasis on mentorship during his well-lived 99 years fit perfectly with WISEs mission of offering guidance and career support for the growth of women moving into leadership positions in the sports and events industries.

With the intense competition that exists for individuals starting a career in sports and events and for those who continue to climb the ladder of success, taking advantage of mentorship and networking opportunities should be at the top of everyone's To Do list.

The WISE Within mentor program has been an invaluable tool for young women. Lets be honest, where else is this kind of quality mentorship available? During the course of the program, dozens of top sports executives both men and women have participated and imparted their knowledge and experiences to an eager audience with great results.

Just picture yourself in a room full of accomplished execs that represent such prestigious organizations as ESPN, IMG, the City of New York, San Francisco Symphony, NBA, WNBA, Octagon, American Heart Association and ABC Television. And they're not just there, they are there expressly for you.

WISE Within is truly the ultimate career resource: highly successful mentors who are excited about the prospect of giving back and motivated mentees looking for guidance.

Talk about a win-win proposition.