WISE Within
Application Process

WISE Within is offered in all chapters except Boston.

You must be a WISE member to apply and participate in the WISE Within Mentor Program. Join WISE now!

WISE Within is a professional-level member benefit. Student members are not eligible; if you wish to upgrade your membership, please renew and select "Professional" as your membership level. However, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

Note: Please make sure you meet all elibility requirements and have read the program agreement. You will need to log in to apply. Application will open in a separate tab or window.

Mentee Application          Mentor Application

  • All participants must be WISE members in good standing at the time of application and through the duration of the program.
  • Mentees: Women with a minimum of eight years professional experience who have not previously participated in WISE Within as a mentee. (WISE Within mentee alumnae may not repeat the program.)
  • Mentors: Men and women with a minimum of 15 years professional experience.
  • To preserve the integrity and expectations of the program, applicants must meet all criteria to be considered.
Match and Selection
  • All matches are contingent upon the number of mentees and mentors within the applicant pool, and therefore application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
  • Participation is based on the quality of match.
  • When matching pairs, we strive to match the mentee with a mentor whose experience, professional and personal strengths will best meet her career needs.
  • While a mentee applicant may meet the criteria, there is the possibility that there is not a mentor applicant who can meet the mentee's career development needs. Those that are placed in the program are done so after careful evaluation where an appropriate match is determined.
  • You MUST be a member to apply. Please make sure your membership is current.
  • Only online applications are accepted. Please use the links near the top of this page. If you are not able to access the application and your membership is current, please use our Tech Support Form for assistance.
  • All mentors and mentees complete an online application process, which takes about 30-40 minutes. The more thorough the responses, the better quality match.
  • All applicants will be asked to submit their resumes.
  • A committee will review all applications and determine appropriate matches.
  • Application deadline is Feb. 28.