WISE Within NYC Works!

NYC Mentee Jennifer O’Sullivan & Mentor Gail Hunter
2008-09 Mentee Jennifer O'Sullivan
with Mentor Gail Hunter
(2012 WISE Women of the Year Honoree)
Mentee Jennifer O’Sullivan:
WISE Within provides so much on both a professional and personal level. Although the program officially comes to the end, what we’ve learned and the connections we’ve made stay with us. You get what you put into it but the benefits you can reap are long lasting.

Mentor Gail Hunter:
It is vitally important to sustain mentoring relationships at all stages of our careers, whether we are the mentee or the mentor. Serving as a WISE Within mentor is revitalizing. Working with professionals who are more junior has reinforced what I love about the business and has given me new insight, making me a better manager and leader.

WISE Within 2008-09 Works!

WISE Within is a great tool for women at all levels of sports and events. It supports the overall mission of the organization and allows both mentors and mentees the opportunity to grow and learn. It proves that WISE Works!
— Kristi Atkins, WISE Within Mentor ATL '09
The WISE Within Mentor Program is a winning approach to cultivating our future sports and event leaders. The experience for mentors and mentees alike is both rewarding and fun.
— Art Berke, WISE Within Mentor NYC '09
The WISE Within program was extremely well organized and I found it to be a rewarding experience overall. The mentor-mentee relationship we developed was more like a friendship. I feel like I was able to help my mentee work through some challenges at work based on my experience and expertise working in the business for over 20 years. I feel confident that this terrific program will continue to grow and be regarded as a model program in the industry.
— B. Brodsky, WISE Within Mentor NYC '09
One of the greatest benefits of the WISE Within mentor program is the structure it provides for not only connecting with your mentoring partner, but for meeting the broader group of mentors and mentees.
— Allison Creekmore, WISE Within Mentee NYC '09
WISE Within helped me to focus on my career goals and determine the best ways to navigate my career path. My mentor was very knowledgeable and supportive which ensured that I got the most from the program as possible.
— Jihan Francois, WISE Within Mentee ATL '09
WISE has fine-tuned its mission with the mentoring program. It has gone beyond networking meetings by offering one-to-one counseling. I found that the dedication that drives me to keep getting better at whatever I do in my life is valuable as a mentor. How nice it is to teach, coach and inspire, and to be apprciated. It is a very personal relationship created from being strangers to getting better together.
— Paulette Goodrich, WISE Within Mentor SF '09
For me to be able to participate in the WISE Within program with industry colleagues as a mentor has not only allowed me to offer my experience to my mentee, but I too have gained so much. I highly recommend and believe in this program.
— Maureen Kelly, WISE Within Mentor ATL '09
Being a businesswoman in sports, it is important to surround yourself and connect with other businesswomen. Having a mentor, gave me the opportunity to bounce ideas and discuss frustrations in a safe environment without judgment. The nice thing about the mentor/mentee relationship — it doesn't end when the program is over.
— Ilisa Kessler, WISE Within Mentee SFO '09
Great opportunity to discuss career development and work-related issues with another woman who can provide not only great feedback, but ideas for how to continue going forward.
— Natalie Kinsey, WISE Within Mentee CHI '09
Mentoring is a most gratifying way to put to good use all the things you did "wrong" as well as all the things you did "right." There is no substitute for experience in this business and by sharing your own, you absolutely make the road to success a little smoother for someone else!
— Hillary Mandel, WISE Within Mentor NYC '09
My mentor is really letting me drive the relationship and is responsive to what I want to learn. She asks what I'm interested in learning and comes prepared to help.
— Lindsay Schedeler, WISE Within Mentee SFO '09
The WISE Mentor Program does an excellent job of creating matches for the program based on our professional fields. My mentee and I found more to discuss than we could finish in each session. We are continuing our monthly lunches even though the program has officially ended. Personally, I appreciate the opportunity to give back and be able to mentor someone. I have had many mentors that have helped shape my professional career.
— Anna Slive, WISE Within Mentor ATL '09
The WISE Within program was an incredible opportunity to work with an accomplished leader to help develop my professional skills. My mentor provided reassurance and inspiration by sharing her experience and advice as we developed a plan to achieve my career goals. She also helped me to balance my work life with my personal life, and to appreciate that a successful executive must have a holistic perspective. Thanks to the WISE Within program, I not only grew and developed as a professional, I also became a better person in my community.
— Mindy Spire, WISE Within Mentee NYC '09
The WISE Within Mentor Program is a wonderful opportunity to connect women across the sports and events industry, and it facilitates the creation of valuable mentoring relationships that will endure well beyond the formal program.
— Tori Stevens, WISE Within Mentor NYC '09
The WISE Within program, provides an opportunity for you to focus on your career with guidance and insight from a seasoned professional.
— Dina Whyte, WISE Within Mentee NYC '09
The WISE Mentor Program helped me connect with and form a personal relationship with another industry professional. I love having someone outside of my company that I can bounce ideas off of and get advice from. This program helps build life-long friendships.
— Arleen Zulawski, WISE Within Mentee ATL '09
WISE Within 2007-08 Works!

I made some progress toward achieving some of the goals I had set out to with my mentor. Mainly, my goals revolved around exposure to my mentor, learning from her past experiences and gaining insight and direction into a few key situations in my career. We talked through a number of these situations.
— WISE Within Mentee NYC '08
I feel very lucky to have an ongoing relationship with my match and feel comfortable turning to her as I anticipate a possible career change.
— WISE Within Mentee NYC '08
My match was wonderful. We got along great. She has so much zest and is a delight to be around.
— WISE Within Mentee NYC '08
Most beneficial aspect was just the exposure to someone at her level and caliber. It was great to have an introduction to someone that I can now call when needed.
— WISE Within Mentee NYC '08
The program is valuable and worthy of continuation and expansion. Ultimately it is only as good as the commitment and availability of the matched individuals.
— WISE Within Mentor NYC '08
I think the concept is great and at the end of the day up to the mentees and mentors to maximize the relationship.
— WISE Within Mentor NYC '08