WISE Within
San Francisco Works!

SF Mentee Lindsay Hampton & Mentor Sara Hunt
Mentee Lindsay Hampton
with Mentor Sara Hunt

Mentee Lindsay Hampton:
WISE Within is a great program and really helped me navigate a transition in my career. My mentor provided helpful advice and guidance, and it was nice to be able to leverage the experience of the other mentors and mentees in our group. Sara and I had a great mentoring relationship and we've remained friends since the conclusion of the program. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with WISE Within and am currently on the committee for the San Francisco program.

Sara Hunt:
As a mentor, the WISE Within program was extremely beneficial. I had the opportunity to reflect on many of the moments in my career from which I learned valuable lessons and to pass these important practices on to an upcoming member of our industry. My mentee is an incredibly talented and inspirational individual, and I know I gained a long term friend through this program.

WISE Within 2010-11 Works!

WISE Within is a great program for meeting new colleagues and expanding your knowledge base via brainstorms and shared insights.
— Patty Bifulco, WISE Within Mentee NYC '11
WISE Within was an amazing experience. Everyone is looking for insight to navigate their career to have longevity and success, and that is what the WISE Within program provides. I had an amazing mentor who offered me the best advice because she knows this industry like the back of her hand.
— Malir Burks, WISE Within Mentee NYC '11
We set up my goals/objectives and timeline at our first meeting. We accomplished one of my goals and are working towards others. Bess showed me how to stay top of mind with contacts I want to re-connect with for future opportunities — hand written holiday cards, simple congratulatory emails and a call to action with a date to meet. It was simple but worked. I know Bess will always be my mentor.
— Beth Conroy, WISE Within Mentee NYC '11
I found the WISE Within mentor program to be fulfilling and an exceptionally useful networking tool. As a mentor, it felt great to be able to offer advice and experience to mentees who were facing some of the very same challenges that I had went through earlier in my career. At the same time, I benefitted from their perspective of the workplace and current market. It is truly a mutually beneficial program.
— Marie DeParis, WISE Within Mentor NYC '11
WISE Within is a wonderful program. It offers professionals of all different levels a unique platform to receive guidance from industry leaders and seasoned peers.
— Lisa Friedman, WISE Within Mentee NYC '11
Overall, I am incredibly impressed with WISE San Francisco, the women that I have met, the planned activities and the organization as a whole.
— Stephanie Handler, WISE Within Mentee SF '11
WISE Within provides a great opportunity for members to expand and nurture their professional networks.
— David Haney, WISE Within Mentor NYC '10, '11
The WISE Within Mentor Program is a great way to provide some structure to mentoring. Although I feel I’m a natural at mentoring because I'm open and willing to connect people through my resources and continue to mentor several people (both men and women) outside of the program, I find having a structured program extremely helpful. To share experiences and provide resources for both mentors and mentees to grow in their chosen careers is a great way to move women forward in the world of business.
— Sabrina Jenkins, WISE Within Mentor ATL '09, '10, '11
I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the WISE Within mentor program. The WISE Within committee perfectly matched me with an amazing mentor whose experience in the industry and as an individual was a true complement to my career aspirations and personality. While the formal process has ended we know this was just the start!
— Erin LeBar, WISE Within Mentee NYC ‘11
Joining the WISE Within mentor program was one of the best decisions I've made in my short professional event management career. A lot of people say sports and events is a "old boys club" and it can feel that way sometimes. But being connected to a diverse, dynamic and extremely talented network of female industry professionals gave me the resources and confidence I needed to persevere.
— Cara Lewanda, WISE Within Mentee CHI ‘11
The mentor program with WISE provides a great opportunity to share what you've learned through the years (and years!) in your career but more importantly learn and update yourself on the key issues of those just starting out in their career. There's plenty to learn from both sides ... and I find it's an honor to be a mentor for WISE.
— Lisa Murray, WISE Within Mentor NYC '09, '11
WISE Within is an excellent program that allowed me to connect with and learn from a professional whom I one day aspire to be like. Working with my mentor, I could not be more inspired and motivated to succeed. WISE Within works!
— Natalya Pyatkovska, WISE Within Mentee LA ‘11
The WISE Within mentor program provided personal guidance as I aimed to understand different sides of the sports marketing business. My mentor was able to help me focus on my personal goals, motivations and ambitions to help me begin to chart the next step in my career. I greatly appreciated her tough questions and support! Today, I'm much more self-aware of my professional ambitions.
— Micki Velmer, WISE Within Mentee ATL '11

NYC Mentor Tom Cosentino & Mentee Patty Bifulco
NYC Mentor Tom Cosentino & Mentee Patty Bifulco

NYC Mentee Stephanie Ross & Mentor Amy Zwagerman
NYC Mentee Stephanie Ross & Mentor Amy Zwagerman

NYC Mentee Beth Conroy & Mentor Bess Brodsky
NYC Mentee Beth Conroy & Mentor Bess Brodsky

LA Mentor Lindsay Amstulz & Mentee Natalya Pyatkovska
LA Mentor Lindsay Amstulz & Mentee Natalya Pyatkovska

SF Mentee Melissa Poplaski & Mentor Alison Ross
SF Mentee Melissa Poplaski & Mentor Alison Ross