WISE Within Atlanta Works!

Mentor Sharon Byers
(2013 WISE Women of the
Year Honoree)
with Mentee Jori McMurtrey
(Photo credit: Liz Reynolds)
Mentor Sharon Byers:
A successful mentoring relationship has a reciprocal nature that provides a learning opportunity for both the mentor and the mentee. I am fortunate to be able to provide coaching and feedback to Jori through the WISE Within program — and I have gained so many new insights from her as well. Her talents and positive attitude speak to who she is as a person and I am honored to have a chance to develop a relationship and friendship with her.

Mentee Jori McMurtrey:
I had secretly hoped I would be paired with Sharon, and I was delighted to find out I was chosen as her WISE mentee during our match reveal. Sharon is the kind of woman I want to be — an extremely successful yet down-to-earth businesswoman and mother. Sharon has made me feel like an equal, and I know our relationship will continue for many years. I am proud to support Sharon as she greatly deserves [the WISE Women of the Year] award. Congrats, Sharon!

WISE Within 2012-13 Works!

I learned a great deal from my mentee, Courtney. Our reciprocal relationship kept our monthly meetings at a coffee shop engaging and fresh. We kept each other accountable for goals discussed, and plan on keeping our relationship going through participating in our local chapter's WISE book club and meeting periodically to keep each other on track with our careers. I recommend the WISE Within program to all for personal and professional growth, as well as for the chance to meet and learn from others in the industry.
— Sara Bailey, WISE Within Mentor CHI '13
WISE Within is a program that should serve as the standard for organizations everywhere.
— Art Berke, WISE Within Mentor NYC '09, '13
WISE Within provides strong connnections with other women in the sports industry and great insights for continued development and improvement in this space.
— Sharon Byers, WISE Within Mentor ATL '12, '13
The WISE Within mentor program provides short-term and long-term support. The relationships that are formed are on-going and valid. A mentor can make a big difference in the way a woman wants to be perceived at work, in life and in career planning. This program is training for life: work, sports and relationships.
— Paulette Goodrich, WISE Within Mentor SF '09, '12, '13
Through participating in the WISE Within mentor program, I was able to pay forward mentoring advice I received and extend my professional network. Through meetings and interaction with my mentee, I also gained an understanding about new industries and possibilities in my career.
— Katie Lavin, WISE Within Mentor LA '13
I am very pleased with Atlanta's WISE Within program. I think the WISE Within committee did a great job matching mentees with mentors based on their career goals and interests. I have developed a great relationship with my senior executive mentor, Sharon Byers. I think she is a testament to the kind of people that WISE is able to attract — successful, humble, and willing to make herself available in order to help the younger generation navigate the waters of starting a career. Sharon wasn't shy to share her failures with me so that I might learn from them. She also introduced me to others in the industry and increased my network. Sharon and I will continue our mentoring relationship, along with our friendship, even though the program has technically ended.

WISE Within is also a great way to meet other women in the chapter. Our kick-off and check-in events were excellent ways to examine each other's relationships and get to know each other on a more personal level. I would recommend the WISE Within program to anyone with an inquisitive mind and flexible schedule.
— Jori McMurtrey, WISE Within Mentee ATL '13
Being a WISE Within mentee has provided me with so much insight into what I need to focus on in my own personal life and career aspirations, that I could never say enough about the program to anyone who is considering it. A lot of times you feel you should be headed in one direction in life. A mentor can help step into your world from a 'balcony' perspective, uncover key points about yourself and your habits that you may not have recognized, and help you 'right your ship' onto sometimes a totally different path that you may not have even considered. The unselfish and genuine interest in your life that a mentoring relationship can provide is a lifelong gift that anyone should become a part of, if given the opportunity.
— Kimberly Parker, WISE Within Mentee SF '13
The WISE Within program is designed to shape those who are committed to growing their careers and becoming great contributors to the sports, entertainment and events world. I would strongly encourage both mentors and mentees who are serious about doing more to join/particpate.
— Rodnell Workman, WISE Within Mentor NYC '13

CHI Mentor Sara Bailey & Mentee Courtney Reilly
CHI Mentor Sara Bailey & Mentee Courtney Reilly

NYC Mentor Art Berke & Mentee Erin Casey
NYC Mentor Art Berke & Mentee Erin Casey

 NYC Mentor Laurie Greenberg & Mentee Allyson Ruvolo
NYC Mentor Laurie Greenberg & Mentee Allyson Ruvolo

NYC Mentee Ashley Reed & Mentor Rodnell Workman
NYC Mentee Ashley Reed & Mentor Rodnell Workman